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  • Emily McDonald

Tips for maintaining and cleaning your windows.

In this blog post we delve into the do's and dont's when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your new UPVC windows.

Glass Cleaning

It is recomended that heavy external grime be initially removed with a solution of soap and water. When it comes to our windows no high excessive costs are incurred to you for purchasing fancy glass cleaner solutions. Please use a soft cloth and remove jewellery to prevent scratches. If a scratch does occur, most can be removed with jewellers' rouge or equivalent.

Leaded Glass Cleaning

When it comes to leaded glass you need to take care as excessive pressure may dislodge the lead from the glass surface. Just like any other glass use warm soapy water and a soft cloth moderately applied.

Pvc-U Frame Cleaning

Washing your frames with soap and water periodically helps remove grime and atmoshpehic deposits, keeping your windows looking brand new and gleaming. In the case of blemishes that refuse to remove you can clean with Solusafe or and alternative non-abrasive proprietary cleaner. You must take care not to disturb the sealants.


It is essential that all hardware is lubricated every 6-12 months. For this use light machine oil e.g. 3-in-1 lubricant for moving parts and petroleum jelly where indicated in the product specific lubrication instruction.

Silicone Seal

Please note that some discolouration of the silicone seal is a natural occurance and cannot be avoided.


When installed, brasswork is fully protected with lacquer. In time and through normal wear and tear, this lacquer may peal or become tarnished - we cannot accept responisibility for this natural occurance. To refurbish your brasswork carry out the following:

  • you are advised to protect PVC-U surfaces from chemicals etc by masking off an area around the brasswork

  • remove old lacquer with nail polish remover/paint stripper

  • clean polish with suitable proprietary brass polish

  • carefully re-lacquer with a good quality product.


Your double-glazed windows and doors have been specifically designed to include a variety of security features to protect your home and family against intrusion. We recommend a number of sensible precautions which should be taken to gain full advantage of the securtiy features.

  • never leave a window open when your home in unattended

  • for added protection, lock all windoes in the closed position and remove the keys

  • to provide adequate means of escape in the event of any emergency we recommend that keys are located adjacent to the window but out of external view.

  • when leaving the house unattended or at night, ensure door handles are fully lifted and that the keys are turned to throw and lock all dead/hook bolts for full security.

Overall, maintaining and cleaning windows is essential not only for aesthetic purposes but also for preserving the functionality, efficiency, and longevity of your windows while promoting a healthier and more comfortable living or working environment.

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