Attractive and Durable Secure Back Doors in Bickerstaffe Keeps Your Home Safe

Secure Back Doors in BickerstaffeFor secure back doors in Bickerstaffe, you can count on Countrywide. Burglars are almost as likely to use the back door to enter your home as the front door or a first floor window. They don’t care if it’s day or night. In the UK, on average, there is one burglary every 106 seconds. Most are crimes of opportunity so it’s important to put deterrents in place. The doors we install are Rock Doors and they are your best deterrent. In fact, the company claims the only way through a Rock Door is with a key. They are designed for security. Nickel coated brass hook locks slide into a steel keep that runs the full length of the door. It’s a good bet that nobody is going to kick this door open. These laminated doors are engineered for toughness with high impact UPVC exteriors, toughened glass and reinforced hinges.

If your door is as tough as a vault does it matter what it looks like or how much it costs? Of course it does and in Bickerstaffe, secure back doors we install are beautiful. In fact, you can design your door yourself. Choose your colour, style, furnishings and window to match the design of your home and your personal preference. The colours are rich and the finish is maintenance free. They are equally perfect for a new build home, a Victorian and everything in between. The back doors we install in your home or commercial building is an excellent investment in security and aesthetics. And what’s more, they’re affordable. They may protect like a vault but won’t cost you the bank.

Our team installs secure back doors in Bickerstaffe that you can trust. We have over twenty years of experience in the building trades. The installation of doors is one of our many professional services. You can count on our professional workmanship whether we are installing your new back door, building a solarium or extension on your home. We start with quality materials and for your secure back door, that is Rock Doors. Contact Countrywide for a free quote on replacing your back door with a secure Rock Door. Look through our brochures and find the perfect door to complement your home. Security can be beautiful and affordable.