Secure Front Doors in Aughton, Excellent, Good Looking Security

Secure front doors in AughtonSecure front doors in Aughton are the actual purpose of a front door. At one time, the most secure front door carved from wood or maybe stone was also so heavy you needed a pulley system to open it. Aesthetics wasn’t a major concern. But now, aesthetics is definitely a concern. The good news is that Countrywide installs beautiful doors that will keep your family secure. They are tough, have a three point locking system and nobody is going to kick our doors in and expect to walk again. Their foot will break before the door does. If you like windows in your front door you can have clear, bevelled, frosted, etched, leaded or anything else you want and your door will still be secure. The glass is hardened and it is put in place during the laminating process for just that reason; security.

We supply and custom fit doors of multiple materials, including aluminium, UPVC, and composite. There is a place and purpose for all of them but in Aughton, secure front doors by Rock Door is a smart choice. They’ve been in business for about 25 years and during that time their name has become synonymous with security, energy efficiency, durability and low maintenance. We don’t hesitate to recommend these doors because we know this brand and they don’t disappoint. Rock Doors are twice as thick as standard UPVC doors with impressive security features built in. They never have to be painted, they won’t fade, warp or peel. The selection of furniture and colours is just beautiful.

Rock Doors, custom fitted by Countrywide is one of the most secure front doors in Aughton. Choose a colour and door furnishings that compliment your style of home and make a dramatic first impression on visitors. Besides the beauty and safety of Rock Doors, they make a tight seal that won’t flex so heat, cold, dirt and noise are locked out of your home. You’ll stay warm and save money doing it. Contact Countrywide and let us show you our selection of beautiful and secure front doors. We’ll walk you through the selection process so you get the exact door you want. Our experienced fitters will measure and install your new door perfectly for decades of safety and style.