Back Door Companies in Newburgh

Back Door Companies in NewburghRely on Countrywide when you are searching for back door companies in Newburgh for new doors for your home. Our company was established 20 years ago and our customers have propelled us to one of the top UPVC window and door supply and installation companies. We also supply aluminium doors and composite doors. Rock Doors is our supplier for composite doors and we recommend their products to our customers for several reasons. Their doors are beautiful with a selection of many colours that never fade or chip. They are energy efficient so you’re saving money on energy while you stay toasty warm. Rock doors are tough and can withstand the rigours of busy family life with minimal maintenance.

Rock Doors are highly regarded and a leading name in composite door companies. They are our choice of, in Newburgh, back door companies for all the reasons just mentioned. However, Rock Doors make a strong contribution to back door safety that surpasses most other manufacturers. They are twice as thick as UPVC doors and because they are a composition of laminated materials, they have great strength. Yet, Rock Doors are 60% stronger than other laminated doors. Nobody is going to kick this door in and walk away. The locking system is nickel coated brass and steel that runs the length of the door frame and the highest rated Diamond secure 3-star cylinders available. This locking mechanism is burglar proof.

That’s a lot of good reasons to choose Rock Doors as our choice from back door companies in Newburgh. It’s a good choice for all exterior doors for your home but especially your back door because most burglaries are attempted through that door. It’s usually not as visible from the street or neighbours’ homes. Homeowners usually turn off the back door light at night leaving the back of the home in darkness. It’s a tempting target but trespassers will soon learn this door is fortified against forceful entry. Contact Countrywide or stop by our showroom for more information and a free estimate on the fortified back doors we install. It’s a beautiful combination of form and function and the only way in is with a key.