New Windows in Ormskirk

New Windows in OrmskirkWhy not replace the old wooden window frames in your home with maintenance free new windows in Ormskirk from Countrywide? Yours may be an older home with wooden window frames that have deteriorated over time. Our experienced and highly trained window fitters can replace the decayed frames with new UPVC window frames that enhance the look of your home and add value to your property. Wooden frames are lovely but need to be meticulously maintained. If they are not sanded and varnished regularly water will seep into tiny cracks and rot will set in. Over time the wood will start to disintegrate and your window panes will be in danger of falling out. Before the frames reach this state we advise you replace the windows and have our UPVC frames with double glazing fitted.

We specialise in UPVC doors and windows as we have found that they are strong and need very little maintenance, unlike timber doors and windows. In Ormskirk, new windows come in a wide range of styles and designs which will keep to the character of your home. Timber has been used for hundreds of years but it does not like water. Over time the varnish wears and if it is not sanded down yearly and well varnished the rain can get into little cracks and rot will set in.  This tends to hollow out the timber and only in the last stages does it become apparent. This is when you will need us to replace the door or window that is now damaged beyond repair.

We supply and fit a large variety of new windows in Ormskirk. Contact Countrywide today and we will send one of our experts to address your window and door problems both inside and out. We have over 20 years of experience in supplying and fitting the perfect doors for all homes and businesses. All our products are double glazed for extreme energy efficiency and we have the added advantage of being very competent builders who can take care of any general building work you require. We can build an orangery or conservatory and carry out alterations to the apertures on your new windows to make them bigger or smaller as required.