Double Glazing Companies in Wigan

Double Glazing Companies in WiganWhen you choose from double glazing companies in Wigan, choose experience and quality by choosing Countrywide. We are a known entity so you’re not shopping in the dark. We have been established in this area for many years with an excellent reputation for reliability, quality products and workmanship and fair prices. First, you should know about the quality of products we install. We use Profile 22 PVC high impact frames which meet British Industry Standards. This is very sturdy material that doesn’t bend out of shape and is maintenance free. The windows themselves are Planitherm, the most energy efficient windows available. For your security we use multi point window locking mechanisms. 

The next thing we can do for you is help you select just the right style window to compliment your home. In Wigan, double glazing companies often have a limited selection but at Countrywide we want you to have architecturally correct choices. Of course it’s possible there are several that would look great and the final choice is always up to the customer. Our installers are masters of their craft with over 20 years’ experience. Even the best window poorly installed is a bad deal so stick with us at Countrywide. Knowing how to install correctly is one thing but caring enough to actually do it right is another. We are skilled but also conscientious.

What else can we do to convince you that of all the double glazing companies in Wigan, Countrywide is your best choice for skill, quality, honesty and reliability? How about this; we offer an aftercare package that includes a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. Of course the product manufacturers guarantee their products as well. Contact Countrywide for a free estimate on replacement windows for your home or commercial building. We offer a broad range of colour choices for frames but you could also select frames that look like wood. Either way, our PVC window frames and A rated glass make up a maintenance free window that can save you up to 26% on energy costs and increase your property value. It doesn’t get better than Countrywide.