New Windows in Aughton

New Windows in AughtonDo you dream what it would be like to have new windows in Aughton? Probably every time you wash your old ones. That’s when you notice the missing chunks of glazing compound meant to hold the glass in place. That putty is also meant to seal out weather. You will find this most often on single pane glass windows. They probably feel too fragile to wash. Single pane windows need to be replaced with double glazed insulated windows to keep the weather, dust and noise out of your house. The glass can be coated to protect against UV rays which fade furniture and heat up your house. You will notice a tremendous difference in the comfort of your home when you replace those old single pane windows.

And how about that ordeal of washing your windows and your trapeze act out the second storey? Retire the rope hold because in Aughton, new windows installed by Countrywide can be cleaned on both sides from the inside. The whole outside window can be cleaned instead of just the bottom two-thirds you can reach. You won’t break a nail raising and lowering the windows either; they practically glide up by themselves once you spring the lock. Yes! They have locks that work so burglars are no longer free to wander in at will even though the front door is locked. You can choose from attractive hardware for your new windows that has no paint or varnish and sits level on the window frame.

New windows in Aughton add to the value of your home and save money on energy bills. It’s money well invested because we use top quality UPVc materials for the window frames. Each is one tight unit that is professionally installed for maximum insulating power. Once we’re finished, you can forget about maintenance for the next 20 years. There’s no rotting, pealing or warping. Your new windows will stay new looking because of the indestructible qualities of UPVc material. Contact Countrywide for a free quote. Our prices are competitive but when you compare cost to the increase in property value, savings on energy bills and maintenance and the increased safety features that might lower your insurance costs, our windows are cheap. Your enjoyment of your new windows is priceless.