Window Fitters in Ormskirk

Window Fitters in OrmskirkHas your construction project reached the stage that needs window fitters in Ormskirk? It’s usually fairly far along, after the building frame is in place, but before the indoor finishing is done. You have a few options. You can outsource a skilled fitter, or you can make the smart decision from the beginning, picking a construction crew with in-house fitting services. If you’re unfamiliar, fitting involves slipping the window frames into place and … fitting … them with glass. Window frames are often made from aluminium, wood, cladding, fiberglass, or uPVC. The ‘u’ stands for ‘unplasticised’. It’s harder and more rigid than regular PVC, but cheaper and lighter than wood or aluminium.

For many builders in Ormskirk, window fitters aren’t involved in the design process. But when you work with Countrywide, we do much more than just slotting the glass in. We can advise you from the beginning, walking you through framing options and suggesting what would work best for your site. We fit doors as well as windows, and we partner with Planitherm to source the glass. Our frames come from Profile 22, and we specialise in double glazing for extra strength and discretion. Our frames come with in-built locks for security. They’re made of ‘plastic’ but you can choose a wood-imitation finish, white framing, or something more vividly coloured.

If you’re concerned about energy efficiency, the right window fitters in Ormskirk can help you out with that. The glass we get from Planitherm has been tested and proven, delivering 28% energy savings, with an A rating for power conservation. We build beautiful conservatories, with gorgeously framed glass walls and lightweight felt tiles on the roof. French doors are part of our fitting specialty as well. Because Countrywide has expertise at every stage of the process, we can guide you on your doors, windows, skylights, sunrooms, and much more. When you are looking for professional window fitters, contact Countrywide. We have over 20 years’ experience, so your delicates are safe in our hands. We offer style, stability, and we also offer a 10-year insurance guarantee.