Double Glazing Companies in Lathom

Double Glazing Companies in LathomWhen you’re looking for double glazing companies in Lathom, check out Countrywide. Drive past Arawak Walton Housing Association or Manchester Eldonian Estate in Liverpool for fine examples of our commercial work. It’s like giving a face lift to an old building to see new energy efficient windows and glass doors set squarely in UPVC frames. No more old out of square frames with peeling paint, rotted wood and single pane glass. Your tenants and employees will enjoy a cleaner and quieter environment and feel pride in where they live and work. As the owner or manager, you will like the lower energy bills and the value new windows add to your commercial property. You may even get an energy saver rebate on your taxes.

We bring the same double glazing experience and customer service to our domestic customers as we do our commercial customers. In Lathom, double glazing companies may use different grades of UPVC that don’t have the durability we insist on for our work. We use only Profile 22 PVC frames because after stringent testing to comply with British standards they have proven to be extraordinarily durable. The Planitherm glazing we insist on is the most energy efficient glass in all Europe. Expect to save up to 28% on energy bills. Our products are backed by a ten year guarantee but you will likely find they will last much longer and still look great. Installation is undertaken by our professional installers who guarantee customer satisfaction.  

Double glazing companies in Lathom come and go but we have proven we can meet and beat the competition for quality and customer service. Excellent business ethics has sustained our reputation through many years. Technology for energy saving doors and windows that save you money and help save the environment is available but must be sourced from well-known brands. If you’ve put off adding a conservatory because you’ve always heard they leak energy don’t wait any longer. Contact Countrywide and we will show you cost comparisons. You are maintaining additional square footage but your windows and doors won’t waste energy. We use a multi-point locking system that is so effective, it could lower your insurance rates and keep you safe from intruders.