Window Fitters in Wigan

Window Fitters in WiganCountrywide, window fitters in Wigan are also builders and that’s a plus when choosing a company for your window replacement. Window replacement is not the same as installing windows in new construction. Both are exacting but replacement windows requires more skill and time. Both tasks call for professional fitters with a sense of design to help you choose the best windows for your home or building. For very old buildings you may want to choose a wood grain look UPVC window for a more original look. If the original wood windows were sash with three up and three down panes, then choose the same for the new windows. You want to preserve the integrity of the building while still enjoying the benefits and safety of new windows.

Our company, Countrywide, has twenty years of industry experience. In that time we have been called to correct bad choices made in Wigan; window fitters and do-it-yourselfers. One of the worst examples is installing smaller than original windows and covering the extra length with additional cladding. The only reason this would be done is to save money; small windows cost less than large windows or maybe a contractor got a wholesale deal. Instead of spending money that adds value to the building the owner spent money and lowered his property value at the same time. If asked, we would never agree to put our name on that job. We value our customers. Do-it-yourselfers have been known to miss a few steps resulting in windows as leaky as the ones they replaced. It’s cheaper to call us first to undertake the fitting.

For the best experience aesthetically and financially with window fitters in Wigan, choose experience first. Our Countrywide staff will steer you in the right direction when selecting the best looking windows for your project. We only supply high quality UPVC maintenance free windows guaranteed durable for decades. Choose from our selection of safety locks for good looks and security. Contact Countrywide for a free quote on replacement windows for your home or commercial building. There is never pressure on clients to buy. We offer a quality product at a fair price backed by our guarantee. For us, it’s all about satisfied customers. If they’re happy, our business will be just fine.