Window Fitters in Parbold

Window Fitters in ParboldYou’ll want Countrywide as your window fitters in Parbold for many reasons. Our 20 years of experience in both commercial and domestic building construction and window fitting has given us not just installation skill but knowledge about our product. UPVc windows are manufactured by companies all over the world, but not to the same quality standards. At Countrywide, our familiarity with most available brands has led us to settle on Profile 22 UPVc windows. They are the leading manufacturer in the UK and one of the first to manufacture UPVc windows in the country. Their high impact window frames are constructed to British Standards and use Planitherm window glass which has the highest energy efficiency rating throughout Europe.

At Countrywide, we don’t want to waste our time and your money installing inferior products. In Parbold, window fitters reputations are tied to the quality of the product. The UPVc windows we install are A rated and guaranteed for 10 years but it’s likely they will still look great after 20 years. You choose the colour or if you prefer a timber look, it’s available. When replacing old windows with new, the opening usually needs reconstruction for a proper tight fit. Our Window fitters at Countrywide are skilled builders first which is why they fit windows perfectly. Our window fitting skills and quality products will save you up to 28% on your energy bill and increase the value of your property.

Countrywide’s window fitters in Parbold understand the concerns of customers as they make decisions regarding window replacement for their home or building a conservatory. Commercial property owners and public housing managers like to see the cost comparisons and potential savings before deciding. Contact Countrywide for a consultation and we will prepare a design and cost proposal to fit your budget. Large commercial complexes can be an ongoing project completed in increments. Whole house window replacement can also be split into one room at a time projects to make it easier on your budget. Window replacement or new installation with our fine products is always a good investment in your property.