Back Door Companies in Melling

Back Door Companies in MellingFor a complete home, you’ll want to get in touch with one of the back door companies in Melling. The door manufacturing process revolves around a consistent refinement that delivers quality and value. Once such a process is developed and standardised, a company can build a reputation on top-of-the-line products. You also have custom shops, which do not work with a conventional manufacturing process, and instead rely on highly skill craftsmen that manually build each door. This method ensures that no two models are the same.

When it comes to the manufacturing process in Melling, back door companies usually divide each project into smaller sub processes. The number of sub processes differs from company to company, with some dividing the overall project into as many as possible. This allows for a more “customisable” standard process that maintains consistency over a large number of units. The manufacturing process itself starts with wood selection and milling, and here, each company has a variety of materials on offer. You will find everything from black cherry to walnut, white oak, larch, Douglas fir, Spanish cedar and Honduran mahogany. At this step of the process, the lumber is also tested for moisture, in order to ensure that the end product will be stable and long lasting.

Once the wood is selected, back door companies in Melling will then “hand face” the material in order to remove any twist or curve on the wood. Often times, this step is skipped because of the time cost. However, it is an essential step in order to ensure quality. After the board is faced, craftsmen will begin to machine the various components and equipment of the door.  Finally, the door is assembled and finishing touches are added. If you are interested in ordering a back door, and would like to know about pricing, contact Countrywide today. We have years of experience with both domestic and commercial customers, providing a wide variety of products and services, including door and window manufacturing and installation.