Double Glazed Windows in Lathom

Double glazed windows in LathomDouble glazed windows in Lathom have 2 layers of glass with a layer of inert gas sealed between them, and this is what provides homeowners with lower energy bills. It is the airtight construction of the windows that creates thermal insulation, because less energy is needed to heat or cool a room. Double glazed windows also improve sound insulation so if you live close to a busy road, these windows create a barrier between your room, the environment and any noise from outside. We have many years of experience and our double glazing installers are knowledgeable and experienced. We can provide excellent advice and information about our products and services. Apart from being UPVC installers, we’re also skilled builders, offering our services to both domestic and commercial clients, taking care of everything from the design to completion of the project.

Once we’ve installed your double glazed windows, we’re also able to offer a service customer care package that includes a 10 year insurance-backed guarantee. In Lathom, double glazed windows are available with Profile 22 frames as per British standards and Planitherm glazing, which is the most energy efficient window glass available. You can save yourself as much as 28% on your energy bills. The windows are also attractive to look at and are manufactured with excellent locking systems, trendy colour options for the frames as well as being Energy ‘A’ rated as standard.

Double glazed windows in Lathom extend to our commercial customers too, and our double glazing window projects always prove successful. This is because the energy efficient windows make such a difference to working conditions and also reduced fuel bills. For more information about our double glazed windows, contact Countrywide. We have received testimonials from clients who are pleased with the ‘new’ look to their buildings. After completion of a project, we typically receive a 99.9% approval rating from our satisfied customers. We’re always delighted to tender and can ensure that you’ll also be a thrilled customer.