Composite Doors in Aintree

Composite Doors in AintreeComposite doors in Aintree are a special kind of door made from different elements. We find that by using these components together the door is stronger and more durable than constructing the door out of just one of the components. The normal composite door has a frame made of wood with a Glass Reinforced Polyester skin inside and out. The wooden frame is filled with polyurethane high density foam. Glass Reinforced Polyurethane or GRP is used in the construction of boats and baths and is waterproof and weather resistant and so makes an excellent inner and outer skin for a door. It will not warp or crack no matter what the weather conditions. It is easily imprinted with patterns and can look exactly like a wooden door without the various problems a real wooden door can have.

When you need a new front door in Aintree, composite doors are durable and strong. We have found that the foam interior is strong and provides a really strong core for the door. It is also an excellent insulator and along with our fantastic double glazing will provide an energy efficient door for many years to come. A normal door of wood or PVC will last about 35 years but our composite doors will last far longer. We have the latest and most elegant doors on offer and can supply and fit them with ease.

Composite doors in Aintree are affordable and elegant. If you are interested in composite doors, contact Countrywide today to arrange a beautiful new door. We are a well respected company with over 20 years of experience in the business. We have found that composite doors are all round better value for money than the normal wooden or PVC door. Our high quality and personalised service is guaranteed to ensure that the product you get will add value to your home and be strong and long lasting. We make sure that the doors are energy efficient and block out as much sound as possible. They are also manufactured to be secure and can have extra security locks and devices fitted.