Replacement Windows in Burscough

Replacement Windows in BurscoughReplacement windows in Burscough are made of hard wearing and very durable UPVC. These wonderful window frames come in a choice of white or timber effect. The white frames have any number of colours which can be applied to them. All the glass is specially rated A which is the highest rating available in Europe. This ensures that you home will have no nasty cold draughts and that the interior of your home will stay warm and snug. We not only replace doors and windows that have need of replacement but we also build items. Our speciality is building orangeries and conservatories. While having your windows and doors replaced will keep the value of your property high building a conservatory will increase the value of your home substantially. You are in effect extending your home and adding another room. We can also build extensions to existing houses and convert lofts into livable areas.

Old wooden windows degenerate and rot over time in Burscough, replacement windows made of UPVC will efficiently preserve the energy in your home and save you money on the heating bill. While we are replacing your windows you may want to enquire about fitting a conservatory to your home. As long as it falls within the size requirements you do not need planning permission. This means no waiting period. Now is the time to have the conservatory built as the spring is almost here and that is the best time to sit inside a snug glass room and watch the wonderful changes that spring brings to your garden. The glass we use will be the same top grade glass that is in your new replacement windows.

Replacement windows in Burscough are normally needed in older homes with wooden window frames. Contact Countrywide today and see how affordable new replacement windows are. You can keep the timber look with the new window frames or you could change to another colour. Our experienced builders will carefully remove the old frames and fit your new ones.