Composite Doors in Walton

Composite Doors in WaltonIf you have not contacted Countrywide for composite doors in Walton, delay your door replacement decision until you see the quality we offer at affordable prices. You will be amazed by our master craftsman workmanship as well. You know fitting a new door into an old opening so it hangs squarely is no small fete. You can’t just take a door off a 100 year old building and stick another one in. Buildings settle to the point of sagging over time. You need a skilled joiner to rebuild the opening so its level and your new door will hang straight. At Countrywide, we do that every day and we don’t make a bigger job of it just to charge you more. Your door will hang straight and fit tight with no gaps and drafts. Our composite doors have an advanced multiple locking device which you will be able to use because it will line up perfectly.

You may be thinking that our doors are fine for homes but for your offices in Walton, composite doors don’t provide enough security. It is just not true. We recommend Rock Door composite doors. They are made with brass hooks that slide into steel keeps that run the length of the door. Nobody can kick this door in. The only way in, as Rock Door proclaims, is with a key. So now you can have an attractive office door to welcome clients as well as a lovely door for your home. If either your home or office is burglarised it won’t be through your composite door. At Countrywide we recommend all exterior doors be Rock Door secure. The insulation within the door will prevent drafts, saving you money on energy bills while keeping your family or office staff comfortable.

You can have a lovely window in your composite doors in Walton and still be secure. The doors are assembled in layers and the glass is installed between layers. The composite doors we install are available in many colours, timber looks and designs. Whichever you choose will remain new looking for decades with only an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. It will never need painting. Contact Countrywide about composite doors and let us demonstrate these extraordinary doors. There is at least one that will blend perfectly with the architecture and colour scheme of your home or small office building.