Bi Fold Doors in Aughton

Bi fold doors in AughtonBi fold doors in Aughton are becoming more and more popular. From as far back as the Roman times folding doors were in use. One of the many advantages of bi fold doors is that the can create a large aperture. An opening onto a patio needs to be large as when you are entertaining you want your guests to be able to walk freely from inside to outside without having to negotiate a door in the way. You also want the doors to be as large as possible to let light into the house. You can enjoy your garden so much better with large folding doors, as is summer you can have them open and enjoy the breeze and the fragrance of the flowers in the garden. The door open and fold in on themselves and usually sit against a wall out of the way.

When you need superior doors on your patio in Aughton, bi fold doors are energy efficient with double glazing. In winter you can still enjoy the view of your garden through the large glass doors. With the efficient glazing, you will be warm and snug while admiring the sight of a snow covered garden. The doors are particularly durable and hard wearing as outer doors should be. The hinges are sturdy and strong to enable opening and closing the door to be as easy as possible. The locking mechanism conforms to that of any secure outer door. Once locked these doors cannot be forced open. Some people have locking pins installed on the door so that when secured the door cannot move.

Bi fold doors in Aughton are perfect for entrance from your house to the patio or the garden. Contact Countrywide today and discuss your needs for bi fold doors with our very experienced staff. You may need more than one bi fold door if the opening is very wide. This is where bi fold doors are perfect. Any size aperture can be covered by bi fold doors.