UPVC Doors in Warrington

UPVC Doors in WarringtonAt Countrywide, we supply and install UPVC doors in Warrington as a one-off service or as part of our full construction and remodelling service. Our customers, particularly those with older homes, often question our recommendation of UPVC doors. That is especially true during a remodelling project where they want to preserve the integrity of the original design. We understand their concern. We can show you how a new UPVC door can look like an original timber door and offer so much more. For instance, UPVC doors are six times more energy efficient than wood doors. With a UPVC frame and door, the seal is complete without draughty gaps. UPVC doors do not warp, rot, fade or rust, ever! The colour is in there to stay fresh and new-looking for years.

Maybe you are considering a new front door. In Warrington, UPVC doors are solid and secure with a multi-point lock system protecting your security and privacy in the most beautiful way. There is so much to choose from but you can also go to Countrywide’s website and build your own front door. Just follow the steps to choose the texture, colour, windows, side panels, hardware and security locks. There are multiple choices for door windows. For all windows we use Planitherm glazing because it is the most energy efficient glass available in the UK. It is a fun exercise and a great way to investigate the many options available. When you have the door you want, ask for a quote.

Countrywide supplies and installs all types of UPVC doors in Warrington. Consider us when you are searching for French doors, sliding and bifold doors. Everyone loves these doors because they allow the outside to come in. Most consider them less secure and less energy efficient due to the large expanse of glass. Contact Countrywide for more information about our UPVC doors. We will come to your home and show you the quality of materials we use. We use the highest quality UPVC for our doors and frames, fitted for great energy efficiency. All the glass is A rated for energy efficiency. Superior door fitting and glass glazing means a security and peace of mind especially when fitted with the latest theft-proof locks.