Orangery in Ormskirk

Orangery in OrmskirkCountrywide can assist in creating a perfect orangery in Ormskirk for your home. Orangeries were popular in the 17th to the 19th century, especially among the more wealthy and elite. It was used for growing citrus trees in a suitable environment during the cold frosty winter months. The idea of an orangery originated in Italy and was architecturally adapted in Holland. This soon became viewed as a status symbol among the wealthy. Nowadays, the orangery has become popular as a means for expanding the living space in the home.

For your house in Ormskirk, an orangery is a wonderful way to add a comfortable and luxurious sunny room. Speak to Countrywide about constructing an orangery on your property. We offer classic and contemporary conservatories and orangeries, with a range of styles, designs and colours to choose from. If you are uncertain about what would be the most suitable style, you can rely on our expert opinion in finding the perfect style that will match your house. We will gladly the entire project, right from the planning to completion. This will include everything like electricity and gas fittings, plumbing and wall finishes.

Get your orangery in Ormskirk started by calling us for a consultation. Contact Countrywide today for more details about the installation and cost of an orangery. As an established company with more than 20 years in the industry, you can rely on our expertise, knowledge and high quality workmanship for an orangery of your dreams. We offer professionally built orangeries that will add great style, extra space and value to your home. Speak to us about a free quote, or a site visit and make the first step in getting the perfect orangery for your home.