Orangeries in Maghull

Orangeries in MaghullOrangeries in Maghull have been around for hundreds of years.  They were originally designed for growing tropical and semi tropical fruit trees in a cold climate.  They differ from a conservatory by having less than 75% of the roof open where a conservatory will have more than 75% of the roof glassed.  The orangery is built with a brick or stone base and brick, stone or wood pillars and columns.  The orangery was originally heated with a stove to keep the delicate plants warm over winter.  There were other plants grown in orangeries, often delicate shrubs and flowers that needed warmth and protection from the cold northern winters.  Nowadays, although there are plants in modern orangeries, they are also used as a warm and cosy room with heating that is used for relaxing and enjoying the garden.

If you are thinking of extending your home in Maghull, an orangery may be an option for a lovely sunny room. It is a small addition that makes a huge difference to your home.  It provides a warm room with large windows so that you can sit in comfort and admire the garden while having tea.  It is also recognised that the orangery with its beautiful plants is the perfect place to relax. The orangery can also be used to make a dingy room in the house light and bright.  By fitting the many glass windows and partial glass roof, it allows light into the home.  The original wall of the house can be largely removed as it is no longer an external wall.

Orangeries in Maghull will add value to your home.  Your house will be lighter and more welcoming.  Contact Countrywide today about more information about orangeries and  to arrange a visit.  We will ensure that your orangery is built to exceptionally high standards at a very reasonable cost.  We have over 20 years of experience in conservatories, orangeries, windows and doors as well as a hard earned excellence in building and renovation.