New Porch in Maghull

New Porch in MaghullAre you wishing you had a new porch in Maghull from which to enjoy the view of your garden? You may be familiar with well-known and respected Countrywide UPVC for windows and doors and even orangeries. However, you may not have known that Countryside is also a full-service building contractor. You will likely agree that makes a perfect combination of skills for a new porch. It is an industry joke that homeowners build a porch one year and the next year they screen it in. The third year they install large windows and by the fourth year, they have added heat and electric. Of course, if you have in mind a deep wrap-around porch with decorative spindles and lots of gingerbread, you will want to keep it open.

In Maghull, new porch builds with Countrywide can take any form. If the porch is on the front of the house it should enhance the appearance of the whole house. You want it to look like an extension of the house itself and not an afterthought added on. Countrywide can help you design any size or style of porch you want. They carry the project through from planning to completion. It is a good idea, even for an open sitting porch, to have an all-weather electrical outlet or two installed and attractive porch lighting. Lighting can be decorative exterior sconces for porches without an overhang. For porches with a roof extension overhanging, fixtures recessed in the overhang are ideal. You can even put them on a dimmer.

Countrywide is the construction company you want to build your new porch in Maghull. They are a one stop shop. They can replace your windows and doors, install gutters, remodel or restore homes, build orangeries and build a new addition on your house. In fact, they can build a new house for you. Countrywide is not a jack-of-all-trades company. They are a master of all trades company. That is a big difference when you are looking for fine workmanship. Countrywide has 40 years of experience and an enviable reputation to back up their master of trades claim. For more information about building a new porch, contact Countrywide.