Double Glazing in Maghull

Double Glazing in MaghullDouble glazing in Maghull simply means window glass is made of 2 panes of glass with a vacuum between them. Simple as it is, the importance of the technology cannot be overstated. Do you remember your father or grandfather climbing up on the ladders every winter to put wooden storm windows on the house windows? Then in Spring he would go back up and replace them with wooden framed screens. Those screens and windows were heavy to haul up and down the ladder. The storm windows did not make a perfect seal but they still cut back on drafts and heat loss. Every year there would be a few storm windows that needed repair and repainting. The glass windows were often so thin they would crack from being handled.

In Maghull, double glazing became popular after a bout of aluminium storm and screen windows. They replaced the old wooden ones. They stayed in all year, just slid the screen down or the storm window, depending on the season. They were always stuck half-way and the tabs used for lifting snapped off right away. Finally, the industry gave us double glazed glass, tinted glass to block UV rays and glare and UPVC frames. Countrywide uses the most energy efficient window glass in Europe. The PVC frames are high impact and tested to British standards. You will save up to 28% on your energy bills but they do have another important feature. The locking mechanism is the multi-point kind, so helpful in households with children.

Countrywide’s double glazing in Maghull needs professional installation. The windows are going to look new for decades with proper fitting. Countrywide’s fitters are PAS 2030 Energy Efficient installers. They participate in the Green Deal. Many domestic and commercial building owners take part in The Green Deal, established by the government to reduce the carbon footprint in the UK. For the property owner, it means up to £1500 toward energy efficient upgrades. Countrywide gives you the best of the best. The finest quality energy efficient windows that are practically maintenance free. Tip tilt windows are easy to clean inside and out and the frames just need a damp wipe down occasionally. All that and unbeatable prices as well.  Contact Countrywide for more information about double glazing.